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Tank System Improvements

This would include physical investment in tank sysems. The actual rehabilitation work required would be determined for each tank system individually with an upfront ‘Tank Improvement and Management Plan prepared in consultation with tank users prior to undertaking any investments. In general, interventions are likely to address deficiencies in feeder channels, tank bed and structures, and the water distribution and drainage systems.


The objective of this component is to improve the technical and physical sustainability of the project tank systems. It will focus on:

Improving the physical and operational performance of entire tank systems including feeder channels above the tank reservoir, tank structures and water distribution and drainage systems with interventions identified and executed in partnership with Pani Panchayats (PPs).

   Securing the safety of the tank structures

  Improving on-farm water management and water use efficiency

Improved availability of water in the tank system will be achieved through interventions proposed in the tank systems and in the command area. Improved water use efficiency will be achieved by providing irrigation water as per the crop water requirement and ensuring the equitable distribution of water over the entire command area through properly designed outlets and adopting suitable operational plan.

 The main outcome indicators upon the completion of the project are increase in area irrigated with assured water availability for tail-enders, and increase the water productivity (out put per unit of water)


The Government of Odisha in partnership with Government of India has initiated Odisha Community Tank Management Project (OCTMP) to repair and rehabilitate approximately 900 minor irrigation tanks having a command area of 40 ha to 2000 Ha and covering 1.20 lakh ha across the state of Odisha with funding from World Bank. more


Important Notice:
The Government of Odisha in partnership with Government of India has initiated Odisha Community Tank Management

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