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The main objectives of monitoring, learning and evaluation of the project are,

Facilitation of result based management by focusing on outputs and outcomes and planning and designing the course of action.
Setting up a system for baseline data collection, analysis and evaluation.
Setting up a standard learning and evaluation process.
Understand the effects of development interventions and comparison with baseline situation.
Conduct implementation audit, monitoring, tracking, impact and outcome analysis, evaluation and provide technical and capacity building support to the implementing partners.

The sub-components of MLE units are Internal MLE, External MLE and Participatory MLE Internal MLE unit During the year 2009-10 the Internal MLE unit will undertake the following activities

Liaise with the field level staff and community level institutions.
Operationalise MLE system at different nodes viz. SPU, DPU, Pani Panchayat (PP) and communities.
Capacity building of SPU and Dept. of Water Resources to monitor the inputs and results through MIS.
Set up data base for internal monitoring by collating primary data from the project and secondary from Govt. departments, institutions, universities, published and unpublished data.
Set up an electronic web based media.
Collect and report physical and financial input and output indicators.
All the data will be assimilated by a computerized MIS at the SPU.
The SPU will constitute teams to undertake a field visit on a monthly basis. The team will visit at least 10-12 tanks per month.

External MLE
An external MLE agency will be undertaking the concurrent monitoring of the project on a sample basis. The external MLE agency is likely to be in position by March 2009. They will assist in following project activities.

Baseline data collection on sample tanks and comparable control group
Project wise monitoring, learning and evaluation by undertaking data collection and reporting
Undertake quarterly implementation audit
Technical and capacity building support for MLE
Biannual detailed implementation progress report including updated data on key physical and financial indicators
Social and environmental audit

Participatory MLE
Since this is a project based on participation and ownership of the community, there will be monitoring at the community and tank level and self evaluation process. This will include methods like

Social audit
Self status rating
Use of community project cards
Participatory assessment, procurement and reporting at district audit hall
Technical work monitoring through OK cards and environmental check list


The Government of Odisha in partnership with Government of India has initiated Odisha Community Tank Management Project (OCTMP) to repair and rehabilitate approximately 900 minor irrigation tanks having a command area of 40 ha to 2000 Ha and covering 1.20 lakh ha across the state of Odisha with funding from World Bank. more


Important Notice:
The Government of Odisha in partnership with Government of India has initiated Odisha Community Tank Management

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