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The project not only aims to meet the statutory requirements as stipulated under the RTI Act but is designed on the principle that there should be an open access to all information. The project realizes that withholding of any information is generally governed by the intention of hiding information which in turn indicates that there has been some wrong committed somewhere. It is therefore imperative that all information is provided to the community through website, brochures, wall writings and such other means of mass communication so that the elements trying to subvert the principles would be on guard.

Accordingly, the project is to come up with a informative website where suo moto disclosure of all project related information, act and rules governing the project, component/subcomponent wise project budget, annual action plan etc. will be put up. Besides the website, the project will use other means of mass communication like wall writings, news letters, transparency pillars for each work component etc. for dissemination of information.

For smooth implementation of RTI Act requirements, one officer not below the rank of Assistant Engineer of Minor Irrigation Wing in each DPU shall be declared as the PIO who will be responsible to provide on-demand information under the RTI and an officer in the rank of Junior Engineer will be designated as Assistant PIO. At the SPU level, the Executive Engineer will be designated as PIO and one of the Assistant Engineers PIO of the DOWR shall continue to be the PIO for the Project. These officers shall ensure meeting all the statutory requirements of the Act.

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